Babel CREMM 2024

Are you a musician? Want to play together with artists from different cultures, representing different musical styles? If so, don’t hesitate to submit your application for the residency programme CREMM.

This initiative, launched in 2009 in Budapest, and then organized in Belgrade and Katowice, is aimed at inviting musicians from different cultures to a short artistic residency programme.

We are going to choose 18 musicians and ask them to form 3 bands. These bands will have 5 days to produce a programme of 45-60 minutes which is going to be performed on stage at Babel Sound Festival and Amy Stage in Budapest.

The artistic residency is going to take place between 22-28 of July in Balatonboglár, Hungary, during the Babel Sound artist residency and festival. Accommodation and subsitence  will be provided by the festival. Travel expenses must be agreed separately for each person.

During the residency week, you will have the opportunity to meet and create with more than a hundred musicians from different professional backgrounds. Well-known artists, like Manou Gallo, Shlomo Bar, Yasser Haj Youssef, Manuel Hermia, Omri Mor and others from the field of world music, jazz, blues and traditional music have already participated in this event, sharing the unique experience.

All ages and musical genres are welcome. If you are interested, register on our website until the 15th of March 2024.

The list of participants is going to be published on the 31th of March.

Reviews from the participants of the last edition:

“It was a wonderful week at Babel Sound! Pure bliss, peace, creativity and belonging.. playing and witnessing beautiful new music and sharing with new #friendsforlife. One of the best weeks of my life so far :’) ❤️”

Esat Ekinciuglo / Turkey

“I’m very happy having found myself on that list! Very excited to colaborate with so many artist from all over the world!”

Jonas Vollmer / Germany

“ All this amazing moments that we shared, won’t be forgotten. To be surrounded by great musicians was a great pleasure again. Love you all , will miss you all. Had great times, joy and jamms,.”

Duygu Demir / Turkey

He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to. And that’s what good music does. It speaks to you. It changes you.”

~ Hannah Harrington

„So many stories, paths crossed … There are no words to describe! Let’s let the music speak for itself.”

Gaspar Selko / Slovenia

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