Winners 2019

Thank you for your interest! It wasn`t easy to judge; we had to choose from more than 200 applicants. We are very happy about the great number of applicants in such a short time.

We chose 18 participants from the applicants whom we sorted into three bands. The bands will have 5 days to create a 45-60 minute show, which will be presented in public concerts in Hungary at Babel Sound 2019 - Interactive World Music Festival (July 15-21) and in Morocco at the Desert Vert Festival (October 2-5).

Congratulations to the winners! If you weren`t chosen this time, we encourage you to re-apply next year. We wish you all a successful musical journey.


Jan Wouter Oostenrijk, NL, guitar/vocals

Mohammed Amine Kalai, Tunisia, quanun

Duygu Demir, Turkey, cello

Kay Krijnen, Netherlands, accordion/kaval

N`Gaza Koffi Kouame Marc Arnaud, Cote d'Ivoire, bass/vocals

Amine Kanzi, Morocco, percussion


Nsoutou Meyoug Laetitia Laure, Cameroun, guitar/vocals/piano

Jankely Félix del Aguila, Peru, drums/afroperuvian percussion

Shama Rahman, UK, sitar/vocals/keyboard

Esat Ekincioglu, Turkey, double bass

Laplanche Mathieu, France, body percussion


Monika Kampasele, Greece, vocals

Sol Jang, South Korea, piano/keyboards

Jonas Vollmer, Germany, drums

Fofana Mamadou, Mali, multi instrumentalist

Gasper Selko, Slovenia, trumpet

Petra Onderufova, Slovakia, violin

Tamás Gyányi, Hungary, bass guitar

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